Success Without Sacrifice


Success Without Sacrifice

14 Years at Apple, WorldWide Director of Finance
Stanford MBA
Schooled as a Rocket Scientist
Midwest-roots & plays in a rock band
Dad of the Year (unofficial)

About Rusty

I learned the value of coaching through a men’s group I started while navigating a high conflict divorce. That group was the first place I talked openly about my challenges, fears, and uncertainties, and I learned that I wasn’t alone. I got help making difficult decisions, learned from others, and grew to be a more powerful and kind-hearted person. I wouldn’t be who I am today without that experience.
That group — and the lifelong friends that came from it — taught me the power of what John Maxwell calls the “Inner Circle”. Leaders face difficult situations and decisions every day, and an Inner Circle can be the difference between effectiveness and struggle. Too many people in leadership positions, especially men, rely on their spouse or boss as their primary sounding board… if they have one at all. There is much to be gained by having an unbiased thought partner, one who has relatable leadership experience, and who brings a unique perspective.

My mission as a coach is to help you be your best self every day. I want you to achieve your goals and to be happier doing it. I want you to achieve success without sacrifice.

Real success is not for everyone. Not everyone has the courage to go for it. If you’re okay with your current situation, I’m not your coach. But if you’re willing to get uncomfortable to achieve real success, let’s talk.

Breaking The Code

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