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Is Being an A Player Keeping You Trapped?

As an A player, it all felt easy as you traveled the road of life, making decisions that helped you build a career and achieve your goals. 

you have everything you ever wanted...On Paper At Least.
why does your success feel so hollow?

Success no longer fuels you like it used to, and there is nothing you really want to strive for — except the next promotion (which you know you should want, but don’t). With no big goals ahead, your sense of accomplishment is a thing of the past. When you’re not driving for your next accomplishment, you wonder what your purpose is. 

How do you create a great life now that you created a "successful" one?

The tools you’ve relied on so far don’t work anymore, but you don’t know what else to do. You were never given a roadmap for this part of your life. What is there to life with all of my big goals behind me?

Without a roadmap, you fall back on what you know: hard work, persistence, grit. But now it just feels tiring, not satisfying.

Your old tools don’t work, but they’re all you have. 

Welcome to the A Trap.

Accomplished most of your goals.

You were an A-student in school earning a practical degree. You went on to get a respectable job and seamlessly transitioned into an A-player at work, all while climbing the corporate ladder. Every achievement “i” has been dotted and every successful “t” crossed.

Thought you’d be happier

With all you’ve accomplished, you thought you’d be happier. You did everything right. You followed the successful path your parents, siblings, friends, and mentors laid out for you, but you find yourself thinking something is missing. After achieving so much, you expected to feel more content and fulfilled in your life.

Retirement sounds great even though it’s 15+ years away

With all boxes of success checked, you still constantly dream about the days of retirement where you will finally feel free to do what you REALLY want. You envision a time when you decide how to spend your days pursuing your interests and exploring new adventures. A time where you achieve freedom and fulfillment all at once. Should you have to wait until retirement for this? 

Asking yourself: Is this all there is?

You continually wonder, is this all my success has to offer? I’ve worked hard to achieve every milestone, accomplish every goal, but I don’t feel satisfied they way I thought I would. You keep thinking there must be more to life, if only you knew what.

Prioritizing stability over freedom

It is nice to dream about freedom, but there are responsibilities to be addressed and bills to be paid. My focus at this time should be a steady paycheck and benefits. This will grant me the freedom I desire during my retirement. Stability feels safe and predictable, and I hope this will bring happiness. But what if it doesn’t…

Get out of the trap and into your life

Stop working so much and increase your impact
Do work that you care about and pays you well​
Stop dreaming about being happy and start being happy​

Have more fun

Make decisions with more confidence and ease.

Meet Rusty

Stanford MBA and Apple executive who held the Worldwide Director of Finance position, Rusty achieved a level of success that many would envy.

He had everything he thought he wanted. He held his dream job at Apple, had a home, a family, had graduated from one of the top colleges in the world.

He expected that this path would fulfill him but, ironically, he felt like a failure.

Constantly dreaming about retirement or fantasizing about becoming a mailman, Rusty had “checked all the boxes” but felt locked in the trap of being a success.

For years, Rusty struggled to escape the trap of success. Like so many A Players, he created meaning from pursuit and progress, but he had already accomplished everything he thought he would and it wasn’t enough. Staying at Apple until retirement felt like selling my life for a paycheck. He knew that he wanted work to have meaning and purpose, but it took years to find  the path to happiness by becoming a coach. 

Now he is sharing the process with others.

Now Rusty helps other A-Players escape the trap that chasing success has locked them in.

insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
– Albert Einstein


1:1 coaching

In-depth, personalized 1:1 coaching designed to help you escape the A Trap and enter into your best way of living. Not limited to career advice, Rusty is a certified Life Mastery Coach able to help you navigate the discovery of what ignites your passions.

Find the path you were destined for by learning to break the code of your perception of success. With 1:1 coaching, you’ll discover a new belief of what is possible, reasonable, and achievable. Then, learn how to live your life on the path to fulfillment.

6-week Masterclass

Join our 6-week Masterclass program to discover a group of like-minded professionals seeking a more fulfilling way to live. In this in-depth program, Rusty provides support aimed at helping each participant identify and achieve their most important goals.

You’ll discover how the A Trap happens to people like you who have worked hard to do the right thing your entire life - and what to do to break out of the trap and experience a new level of happiness and enjoyment in life. In addition, the course provides excellent networking opportunities, community support, instant feedback, and a fresh perspective.

Online Courses

Not ready for 1:1 coaching or the Masterclass? Join the waitlist for one of our new online courses (COMING SOON) where you’ll receive the best of what our in-person coaching has to offer - at your own pace and timeline.

This lower-cost option is great for people who are beginning to realize that they feel stuck in their lives and are unsure about what step to take next. Our online format offers you the privacy you need to discover what makes you feel passionate, excited, and ready to unlock the trap holding you to the rules you thought you “had” to follow.

What Clients Say

Darcy Thompson
Darcy ThompsonVista, California
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I can't recommend Rusty enough. His program had a monumental impact on my life. It was totally worth it. I felt like he gave me the jump start I needed to open myself up and change in all the directions my life needed movement. If you've ever considered a life coach, do it.
William Biancucci
William BiancucciChicago, IL
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One of the most memorable experiences was developing a vision for my life unconstrained by my past experiences or what I’d been told was possible. It led to getting my dream job that checked all the boxes, every single thing I wanted in life. Like magic, but in real life. I’ve been promoted, I’m out of debt, I improved my marathon time by 10 minutes, and I’ve gained maturity and confidence.
Vijay Krishnan
Vijay KrishnanSan Francisco, CA
Read More
Working with Rusty was like “leveling up” in a video game. Life was pretty good before, but I learned new tools that helped me set a clear intention for my life, stay focused, and follow my gut. As a result, I got a new job which I love, is rewarding, and full of opportunities for contribution and growth. And I’m much better equipped personally to navigate the pandemic.
Josh Kraut
Josh KrautSeattle, WA
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Working with Rusty opened me up to a completely different mindset. Instead of focusing on what I was most qualified to do, Rusty guided me to define what I actually wanted to do and how to make it happen. I really appreciate Rusty's end-toend approach to defining a future vision. It's not just about your next professional move, it's about how to get the most out of your career and your life. Through my sessions with Rusty, I learned a new way to approach both my personal and professional development and progression.
Samantha Mravca
Samantha MravcaSan Francisco, CA
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Before I started working with Rusty I was in a career that was a great job but was not the long term path, and I was struggling to figure out which direction to go. Rusty helped me gain confidence in the steps that I'm taking now to get a Master’s degree in public health. I feel much more secure in my decisions and in how to handle roadblocks as they come up. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.
Nathan Jovanelly, P.E.
Nathan Jovanelly, P.E.Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Read More
Rusty is masterful at asking simple (but often overlooked) questions to help you determine what you want to get out of life. Success does not look the same for everyone, which is why you need to take the time to reflect on what is important to you. Rusty will help take your life to the next level by asking the right questions, listening, and challenging you to find your purpose. Since working with him I have finished my first 100-mile bike ride, and made strides towards my career goal of creating a fund to ensure that everyone has access to affordable clean energy regardless of income level. More importantly, Rusty gave me the confidence that I am on the right path in my life while also giving me perspective on little things I can do to make big impacts on my overall sense of fulfillment. I appreciate the perspective Rusty brought into my life, and I am glad we met through LinkedIn.

Breaking The Code

Looking to learn more about how to create a life you love at your pace and time? Discover Rusty’s international best-selling book, Breaking the Code.

In this informative book, you’ll hear how Rusty broke his “success code” by leaving a prestigious Silicon Valley job at Apple to ultimately do what he loves – in every area of his life.

Work through exercises designed to help you avoid feeling trapped by your own success and escaping the trap if you do.

You can create the successful life you want.

Get Breaking the Code today to learn a simple, practical approach to achieving your goals.

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