Success On Your Terms

Your intelligence, hard work, and focus on results have carried you this far. But they are holding you back from the true success you crave.

I work with high achievers to define and achieve true success on their terms. The results are:

Personalized vision of true success
Increased confidence
Better, faster decisions
More effective at work
More time to invest in yourself
Personalized vision of true success
Increased confidence
Better, faster decisions
More effective at work
More time to invest in yourself

My Principles as a Coach:

Focus on Possibilities, Not The Problems
Your Emotions Help You When You Use Them Effectively
You Have to Know and Be True to Yourself to Be An Effective Leader
Being a Good Leader and Being a Good Person Are The Same Thing
Continuous Learning and Growth Are Essential
The Only Thing Standing Between You and True Success is Your Willingness to Go For It

The 12 Attributes of Leadership

My coaching is based on the 12 attributes of leadership, combining cutting edge research and real-world application. These attributes are not personality traits you are born with. They are characteristics you can learn and develop.

1. 100% Responsible

2. Vision Driven

3. Self Aware

4. Growth Oriented

5. Courageous

6. Proactive

7. Biased Towards Action

8. Authentic

9. Decisive

10. Candid

11. Balanced

12. Human

How It Works

Coaching with me is not an intellectual process. You will learn new concepts, but it is the application of knowledge that creates results. That is the focus of coaching: how to apply proven leadership attributes in your daily life. For example:
While your early success came from doing great work, as you progress your role changes. You must navigate the transition from doing work to setting the vision and managing the resources to deliver on it.
Do you make decisions quickly, or do you take time to consider the options and get input from others? The best leaders have the ability to take both approaches, and know when is the best time to use each.
Good leaders are unafraid of disagreement or conflict, and they know how to navigate it with candor and authenticity while maintaining strong relationships.

You have been successful by delivering exceptional work. How do you hold high standards for your team without succumbing to the temptation to do it yourself?

why it works

My coaching program works because I combine empowering principles with actionable practices to apply them. It isn’t enough to understand the principles themselves. If it were, anyone who had ever read a leadership book would be an amazing leader. The challenge is always in the application — particularly understanding what gets in your way of consistently applying the tools you learn. In this way, becoming a better leader and person is not about adding more to your plate, it’s about removing the things that hold you back. It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing less. As you learn to identify and work through fear, resistance, anxiety, and stress, your natural leadership abilities shine through.

It Works

My mission as a coach is to help you set clear goals that are meaningful to you, and to achieve them. Past clients have achieved great progress, through both one-on-one coaching and the group Execution Accelerator, such as:

  • Getting promoted twice in one year
  • Defining their dream job, then working with their boss to create it
  • Taking time out of work to pursue personal interests and still getting promoted
  • Spending more time with family without impacting work performance
  • Going back to school to change career
  • Bringing more of their true self to work and feeling more engaged, effective, and happier
  • Reduced stress and anxiety, deciding to stay in their current job vs. changing jobs to reduce stress

If you are ready to make real progress, let’s talk.

Keynotes and Workshops

My keynotes and workshops go beyond entertaining and engaging. I leave the audience feeling inspired and equipped to take action.

Topics Include

  • Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions
  • Unlocking Promotion
  • Building Courage and Confidence
  • Breaking the Code: 3 Steps to an Even Better Life
  • How to Get 5 Hours Back Every Week

Past audiences include:

  • Alameda Business Network
  • Security Pacific Real Estate
  • American Family Insurance Dreambank
  • Golden Gate Breakfast Club
  • Rotary Clubs

What Others Are Saying:

Michael McDonough, PresidentAlameda Chamber of Commerce
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We have hosted hundreds of speakers and Rusty was one of the most charismatic and effective speakers we’ve had. His content was timely, thorough and actionable. I recommend him highly to anyone with a goal of creating a memorable event or workshop.
Andre Lewis, Program ChairBenicia Rotary
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Rusty has an ability to truly connect with his audience. If you have the chance to have him come to your organization, you will not regret it.
Colleen Wright, Program ChairPacifica Rotary
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Rusty was a great speaker, engaging, with a good sense of humor.

Breaking The Code

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