Breaking the Code: Decision

Trust Your Gut

You can’t think your way to an answer to the most important questions in your life.

If you’re not familiar with trusting your gut, follow the instructions in the video.

I will walk you through a decision-making process that will help you reach an effective and grounded conclusion.

The Power of Decision

Nothing happens without decision. It is the first step to any progress in life. Such a simple concept is easy to dismiss, but making better decisions can propel you forward in life.

The challenge for many A-students is they tend to over-think decisions. Of course. You were taught that you are unique because of your intellectual ability. From your grades in school to your advancements at work, your success stems largely from bring smart.

Good decisions don’t come from being smart. They come from knowing yourself, and knowing how to listen to your heart and your gut. As with anything, it takes practice to get better at making decisions from your gut. But as you do, you’ll see your success continue to increase.

Rusty Gaillard

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