True Success is Elusive

One of the common interview questions early in my career was “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. I felt like a fraud every time I answered that question. I came up with an answer, of course. I knew having no plan wouldn’t reflect very well on me. But the truth was I didn’t … Continue reading True Success is Elusive

How to Get More Done

John and Brad had similar challenges. They were both buried in work, doing email late into the night, trying to catch up. They had been doing this for months—probably years—but they never got ahead. They were seeking that fleeting feeling of being in control of their work. You know the feeling. Like the time another … Continue reading How to Get More Done

Finding Greatness Within

For most of my life, I believed that my value in the world was based on what I accomplished. I measured myself by my academic performance, sports performance, social network, job title, income, the car I drove… you get the picture. I don’t know where this came from exactly – probably some part family and … Continue reading Finding Greatness Within

Is your Comfort Zone comfortable?

You may have heard the legend about the Native American boy who was told by his grandfather that each of us has within us two energies fighting like wolves. One wolf represents good, love, generosity, compassion. The other represents greed, envy, resentment, anger. The boy is captivated by this idea & asks with great interest … Continue reading Is your Comfort Zone comfortable?

Another Growth Opportunity

Somehow I continue to be surprised by the learning I get to do in my business. After three months of running my own business, I was surprised to find that my self-care (exercise, socializing, being outside) is actually worse than when I worked a full-time job at Apple! Part of my reason for leaving Apple … Continue reading Another Growth Opportunity

Say Yes!

I took a class on improv (improvisational comedy) last year, and from all the exercises & tools we used, one stands out to me. Say yes. In improv, you never know what the other people on stage are going to say or do. Sometimes they go in a whole new direction, or they ask a … Continue reading Say Yes!

Which fear is greater?

In my late 30s and early 40s, I was afraid to rock the boat. In so many ways my life was good, but I still wanted more success at work, more stability at home, more time for myself. I wanted a more rich and fulfilling life. But I didn’t know how to get that without … Continue reading Which fear is greater?

Don’t follow your passion

I never liked the advice to follow your passion. I felt like a failure when someone suggested it. I didn’t know what my passion was, so I must have been doing doing something wrong, or worse, there was something wrong with me. I looked enviously at the small minority who were passionate about their work. … Continue reading Don’t follow your passion

Decide for Greatness

Do you know that feeling of being torn over a decision? When you mull it over in your head for days — or even weeks — not knowing which path to take? Decision paralysis. I’m more familiar with that feeling than I’d like to admit. I spent many years dragging my feet when faced with … Continue reading Decide for Greatness

Red light means… GO!

My son just turned 14, which means he’s getting close to drivers’ ed. Yikes! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I sat on the floor with him and played with his road set. We put houses around the wooden road, drove the cars on their commute from home to work, and stopped diligently at … Continue reading Red light means… GO!