Quantifying the Benefits of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can deliver measurable tangible benefits. Multiple studies show a massive ROI for executive coaching.

The Unexpected Secret to Good Leadership

Leadership is about more than strategic thinking, communication, decision-making, and team leadership. There is one underlying skill that all leaders needs to succeed. The good news is, you can develop that skill.

Managing Challenging Conversations

Your ability to navigate conflict in challenging conversations will determine your long-term success.

The #1 Productivity Tool

You will have to say no to things to say yes to your work. It will be worth it. —Lin Manuel Miranda

I Found the Problem

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. —Albert Einstein

How to Get More Done

John and Brad had similar challenges. They were both buried in work, doing email late into the night, trying to catch up. They had been doing this for months—probably years—but they never got ahead. They were seeking that fleeting feeling of being in control of their work. You know the feeling. Like the time another … Continue reading How to Get More Done

Seeing Beauty in the Dark

Before all else, each of us must take a fundamental risk to be true to ourselves. —James Webb The photos are everywhere. Stars and galaxies 13 billion years old, at the far outreaches of the galaxy… Captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, the photos were beautiful, not to mention scientifically significant. (In case you … Continue reading Seeing Beauty in the Dark

True Success is Elusive

One of the common interview questions early in my career was “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. I felt like a fraud every time I answered that question. I came up with an answer, of course. I knew having no plan wouldn’t reflect very well on me. But the truth was I didn’t … Continue reading True Success is Elusive

Finding Greatness Within

For most of my life, I believed that my value in the world was based on what I accomplished. I measured myself by my academic performance, sports performance, social network, job title, income, the car I drove… you get the picture. I don’t know where this came from exactly – probably some part family and … Continue reading Finding Greatness Within

Is your Comfort Zone comfortable?

You may have heard the legend about the Native American boy who was told by his grandfather that each of us has within us two energies fighting like wolves. One wolf represents good, love, generosity, compassion. The other represents greed, envy, resentment, anger. The boy is captivated by this idea & asks with great interest … Continue reading Is your Comfort Zone comfortable?