90 minutes
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Discover the 3 big factors that keep you stuck in the A Trap and how to unlock them.

Better Decisions

Learn what A Players get wrong about making decisions & a framework for effective decision-making.


Connect with yourself to discover what really makes you happy.


Identify the #1 barrier to progress and how to address it.

feel confident in your next step

Many A Players tell me that despite their success, they don’t feel as happy as they thought they would. They describe feeling tired, burned out, bored, or even numb.
One person told me he felt like he was doing the bare minimum in life: going to work, doing what was asked of him, trying to keep his wife happy, just getting by. No one wants to live that way, but he wasn’t sure what to change. 
That is what I call the A Trap:
  A chieved many of your goals
  T hought you’d be happier
  R etirement sounds great, even though it’s 15+ years away
  A sking yourself: is this all there is?
  P rioritizing security over freedom
After seeing this in so many A Players, I realized the problem. A Players are great at getting things done. When a goal is set, they accomplish it. But most of their goals have been set by others. They have no roadmap for figuring out what makes them happy. With high stakes, they want to get it right, and they don’t feel confident to make a good decision.
For the past three years I’ve helped dozens of A Players escape the A Trap. For those who are ready to commit to a change in their life, I use a repeatable proven process to help them get clarity on what they want, decide for it, and do it. But I know not everyone is ready to invest $5000 in themselves to work with me. 
So I condensed the first step of the process into a powerful intensive experience: 90 Minutes to Clarity.

What people say

Rusty is masterful at asking simple but often overlooked questions to help you determine what you want to get out of life.
Nate Jovanelly
Rusty helped me gain confidence in the steps I am taking. I feel much more secure in my decisions and in how to handle roadblocks.
Sam Mravca
ONe of the most memorable experiences was developing a vision for my life unconstrained by what I'd been told was possible.
Will Biancucci
Working with Rusty was like "leveling up" in a video game. I learned new tools that helped me set a clear intention for my life.
Vijay Krishnan


If you wonder why this intensive experience is just $99, it’s because I care about A Players and I know what it’s like to be in the A Trap.
I also know some of you will want to take action with your newfound clarity and will want my support to achieve it.
You may be skeptical that you can get clarity in 90 minutes after months or years thinking about it.
Here’s the truth. You already know what you want, and I can help you find it.
If you don’t get clarity in 90 minutes, I’ll give you a private 1:1 session to finish the job.


If you still have questions about the intensive,
please send me a message.

90 Minutes to Clarity

October 6, 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET

$99  --> $49