A new journey

My dad passed away two months ago today.

I’ve been hesitant to talk about my experience of losing my father in a broad public setting. It’s not that I’m afraid of the vulnerability. It’s out of respect and consideration for him. He was a private person, and this kind of open sharing would have made him squirm.

In the past two months I have come to know and relate to my dad in a whole new way. The reluctance to talk about his personal life, the desire to look good, the drive for success… these have all faded. Perhaps it’s not surprising. They are all very human traits, and his human journey has come to an end.

I believe life is much bigger than our body, our accomplishments, our relationships, our past, our stories. The essence of life continues beyond death, and I can continue to connect with and learn from my dad’s essence even months after he passed away.

That same essence of life is with each of us today. We are capable of more than we know, and we can create amazing things if we allow ourselves to realize how much more we are than our stories, accomplishments, and failures.

Which brings me back to my dad. I’ve given a few speeches recently about my dad, and I am going to share them here as blog posts. They are reflections of him, his impact on my life, and my relationship with him as it continues to evolve.

My dad gave me many gifts during his lifetime. Even in the last weeks of his life, and in the months since, he continues to support me generously. His blessing as I share these stories is one of those gifts. I hope you find something useful in them.

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